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Choosing Car Carriers

When it comes to choosing car carriers to transport a vehicle, there are many different companies out there who all offer slightly different services and they all come with a different price. By doing, some comparison shopping and utilizing only necessary services, consumers can find a great deal the next time they have to choose a car carrier to transport their vehicle.

The cheapest form of car carrier service available is the open car multi car carriers. These types of car carriers deliver new cars to dealerships. They can carry up to ten vehicles at a time; this makes them among the most affordable car carriers because they will be able to haul more vehicles in a single trip.

Before settling on a specific car carrier, consumers should keep some important points in mind. The first is that all car carriers should be registered with a federal license before they are allowed to ship any type of vehicle. To find out if a specific car carrier is registered, all consumers have to do is ask to see the car carriers' license.

Consumers will also want to make sure that they are aware of any and all costs that are associated with having their vehicle transported with a car carrier. There may be some extra charges to have the vehicle delivered to the owners' home or there could be a fuel surcharge.

It is also important to find out if the car carrier will be delivering the vehicle directly to the new destination or if the owner will have to pick it up from a delivery terminal. Some car carriers will only deliver to major cities. This means that the owners may have to pay extra to have their vehicles delivered to the final destinations, or the owners will also have the option of picking up the vehicles from the car carriers' specified destination city.

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