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International Car Transport

When most people think about car transport, they assume that the vehicles will be loaded onto trailers and then hauled across the country to their new destinations. While this type of car transport is commonly used, there are special types of car transport used when the vehicle is going to travel overseas.

Most overseas car transports will begin with the vehicle being driven to a major port. Once the vehicle is at the port, there are several different forms of car transport used to get it across the open ocean.

One type of car transport that is used to carry cars on the open ocean is an ocean container. The best part about using an ocean container for car transport is that the ocean container can be transported to the owner's home, where the owner will be able to load the vehicle. This type of car transport will also allow the shipment of personal items with the vehicle in the container; for many overseas destinations, an ocean container is the only type of car transport available.

Even though an owner can load the vehicle into the ocean container for car transport, it is not recommended. It is advised that a professional load the vehicle into the ocean container for car transport because the ocean container sits on chassis about four feet off the ground and has no platforms, lift gates, or ramps. If the owner chooses not to load the vehicle for car transport, the owner can have someone at the car transport company's warehouse load the vehicle.

Having a vehicle transported overseas can be stressful. By choosing a superior car transport company and having the vehicle carefully loaded, owners will have the peace of mind of knowing that their vehicles will have safe trip across the open ocean.

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